RoHS Prod.

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RoHS Prod. is a micro label created in 2010, run by William Nurdin.
RoHS Prod. is not fixed on any one genre, style or approach of experimental music.
RoHS Prod. is a part of the organisation of "BRUITISME" festival and also "Die Destruktion" Parties.
RoHS Prod. is duplicating with full analogic tape master.

RoHS is also the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC, short for Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, was adopted in February 2003 by the European Union.

Down there you can find all releases from RoHS Prod.



K7HS0212018-02-21William NurdinDuplicate Sold Out 12ex no info4 Euros
K7HS0202018-02-12Pachinko Sounds / RadioPGR - Akibahara Loves Sold Out 48ex no info4 Euros
K7HS0192017-03-17Junko Hiroshige / William NurdinFar / Close Sold Out 22ex K7HS019 info4 Euros
K7HS0182015-03-12Jorge BoehringerNatural Objects In Stock 06/48 K7HS018 info4 Euros
K7HS0172014-12-16Lauren RodzFioshfk In Stock 4/48 K7HS017 info4 Euros
K7HS0162014-11-16ZohoZaventem In Stock 12/96 K7HS016 info4 Euros
K7HS0152014-01-06HolzkopfK7HS015 In Stock 15/48 K7HS015 info4 Euros
K7HS0142013-07-20LifeloopReel tape lie detector In Stock 3/48 K7HS014 info4 Euros
K7HS0132013-07-19Bioni SampBee frequency electronics In Stock 15/36 K7HS013 info4 Euros
K7HS0122013-07-18NundataComputape In Stock 19/50 K7HS012 info4 Euros
K7HS0112012-08-08P.Cavaleri, C.Bernard, D.Frimas & ColaboIn car Series#3 Sold Out 06ex K7HS011 info4 Euros
K7HS0102012-06-15Nurdin WilliamBarthe Series Vol.3 Sold Out 06ex K7HS010 info4 Euros
K7HS0092012-06-15ClougniouleRenova vol.2 Sold Out 50ex K7HS009 info4 Euros
K7HS0082012-06-14Nurdin WilliamBarthe Series Vol.2 Sold Out 12ex K7HS008 info4 Euros
K7HS0072012-06-12NWSilly Sold Out 20ex K7HS007 info4 Euros
K7HS0062012-02-12Nurdin WilliamBarthe Series Vol.1 Sold Out 12ex K7HS006 info4 Euros
K7HS0052012-01-12Nurdin WilliamClear Sold Out 20ex K7HS005 info4 Euros
K7HS0042011-05-24NWCup #2 Sold Out 10ex K7HS004 info4 Euros
K7HS0032011-04-23Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot & ColaboIn car Series #1 Sold Out 12ex K7HS003 info4 Euros
K7HS0022011-04-12NWCup #1 Sold Out 12ex K7HS002 info4 Euros
K7HS0012010-02-11ClougniouleRenova vol.1 Sold Out 12ex K7HS001 info4 Euros


Compact Disc  

CDHS0132017-05-12MeanwhileDisc Sold Out 50ex CDHS013 info4 Euros
CDHS0122016-12-21KrupukArtWork At Work In Stock 60/166 CDHS012 info6 Euros
CDHS0112013-12-1129/3029/30 Sold Out 50ex CDHS011 info5 Euros
CDHS0102013-07-25MettaAnticonstitutionnellemusique Sold Out 52ex CDHS010 info7 Euros
CDHS0092013-03-21Clougnioule / Disgorged FaecesUntitled In Stock 11/50 CDHS009 info4 Euros
CDHS0082013-03-12WNAiolos Sold Out 50ex CDHS008 info7 Euros
CDHS0072012-11-12NW & Bruital OrgasmeRimicaris Exoculata Sold Out 50ex CDHS007 info7 Euros
CDHS0062012-10-12KrupukSamirasa Sold Out 25ex CDHS006 info4 Euros
CDHS0052012-09-12WNNull Sold Out 21ex CDHS005 info4 Euros
CDHS0042012-08-12Nurdin WilliamThe Gate Sold Out 20ex CDHS004 info4 Euros
CDHS0032012-06-11NWCup in Act Sold Out 20ex CDHS003 info4 Euros
CDHS0022011-09-12Nurdin WilliamCaravan Sold Out 12ex CDHS002 info4 Euros
CDHS0012010-12-21NWCup Sold Out 12ex CDHS001 info4 Euros


Vinyl 33rpm 

33HS0022013-07-28K2 / HakobuneSplit12" In Stock 12/300 33HS002 info10 Euros
33HS0012013-08-28NW & Otto Von RhinoUntitled7" Sold Out 150ex 33HS001 info8 Euros
33HS0002013-04-03Government Alpha & Bruital OrgasmeUntitled7" In Stock 05/150 33HS000 info7 Euros


Vinyl 45rpm 

45HS0002013-06-11Junko & Michel HenritziUntitled7"In Stock 21/200 45HS000 info7 Euros



DIHS0042016-06-06Grenaille NecronominosBandcamp BonusSold Out 66ex DIHS004 info : 2 Hours of Beer Brewing6,66 Euros
DIHS0032015-04-10Grenaille Saison MinosUSB Key 2Go WavSold Out 20ex DIHS003 info : 3 Hours of Beer Brewing6,66 Euros
DIHS0022014-12-17Les Trotteuses / WeckerspielerinnenWavIn Stock ∞/∞ DIHS002 info : alarm clocks players Name your price
DIHS0012014-02-22Otto von Rhino / Kurgäste werden abgespritztWavIn Stock ∞/∞ DIHS001 info : aka Keiji Katsuda Name your price