B    A    I     L     L     O     N

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BAILLON (V.Sestito and W.Nurdin) - Belgium / France

Duo/Performance, We are talking, muffling, singing,
stiffling, screaming, quelling, blowing, burking... into the mouth of each
other. Like that, we can modulate and transforme the sound produced
together to create one voice.

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2016#NOVAsile 404 @ Marseille (fr-13)
2016#NOVChateaux Gravos @ Quinsac (fr-33)
2016#NOVLes Pavillons Sauvages @ Toulouse (fr-31)
2016#SEPApo33 - GIASO @ Château des Ducs de Bretagne (fr-44)
2016#JULFestival ödl « chez René » @ Mulhouse (fr-68)
2016#MARCentre Culturelle André Malraux @ Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (fr-54)
2016#FEBHaekem @ Bruxelles (be)
2016#JANLe Cafe Central @ Bruxelles (be)
2015#DECGrrrnd zero "Mini Bruitisme" @ Lyon (fr-69)
2015#NOVMS Stubnitz "Night on Earth" @ Hamburg (de)
2015#NOVRPT Party @ Bruxelles (be)
2015#NOVStoj I Slagtehusgade 5E @ Copenhagen (dk)
2015#OCTTeatro Massimo "Multiversal" @ Cagliari (it)
2015#OCTL'Asilo "Multiversal" @ Napoli (it)
2015#OCTA Propos De Minos @ Jarville-La-Malgrange (fr-54)

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  C    O    N    T    A    C    T

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William NURDIN, b.1980.

WN, active pluri instrumentist, trained as a guitarist and eager of instrumental knowledge.
Has been studying music since 1993, Field recordist since 1996.

For the past few years, William Nurdin is :
"flowing, fluid" interdisciplinary carefully random orchestrated human,
like a spontaneous indeterminacy aktionist.

Also known for producing concrete music as NW, Harsh Noise Wall with his Clougnioule moniker, as well as being the head of the ROHS Prod. label.

He plays in various musical formations, operating in turn guitar, electronic organ, trumophone, drums, duck call.
For 10 years, WN has been conducting a free radio program, "A Propos de Minos", a weekly open stage, aired every Monday -09pm to 11pm- live from wherever WN may be.

He is also running with Gregory Henrion the "Bruitisme" Festival.

He is also working with theater company has an actor,
or video designer (lumino dynamics, mapping...),
or has an animator for the Instrumentarium of Recycled Object called "L'Antre Sonore".

Colaboration - Junko Hiroshige, Dave Phillips, Yann Marussich, Lauren Rodz, Cathy Heyden, Yves Botz, Laurent Berger, Frederic Bernier, Jean-François Laporte, Vivian Grezzini, Gregory Henrion.

WN currently lives in Nancy (fr-54).


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Vincianne SESTITO, b.1985.

Classic curriculum and improvised music and jazz at the Conservatory of Mulhouse from 1991 to 2004 as pianist.

Student degree in art at the University of the Arts of the Rhine (HEAR) in 2009. Work on seriality photographic and audio-visual image. Member of the SONIC pole. Work on the report of repetitive images and sounds.

Degree in Administration and Cultural Management Company in 2011. Trainee Federation Hiero Strasbourg - Creating a micro edition Festival in Colmar in 2012. Intervener in high school and colleges for introductory courses to the media.

Active member and founder of the artist collective "l’Etat des Lieux" ÖDL from 2004 to 2013. Since 2008, the group organizes concerts, hosts artists in residence, designs its flyers and Publishing disseminates the work of its members and leverages a common creative workshop. Guitarist of the band "AUFBAU" from the collective ÖDL. Creation of INTERFRICHES free music festival (3 editions from 2010 to 2012) to the textile factory DMC in Mulhouse.

Founder in 2014 of vinyl label Carogna Records based in Brussels.

Currently member of the minimal synth loop band "VIRIL" and buccal duo "BAÎLLON" and a solo project focused on repetition and resonance (field recording, drone).

Workshops - Charles Pennequin, Pascal Battus, Phil Minton, ErikM, Jason
Kahn, Xavier Boussiron, Raymond Boni, Joelle Léandre, Vincent Mauger.


Extract of the first public show - Napoli :