K7HS014 - LIFELOOP - Reel tape lie detector

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Catalog#: K7HS014
artist: LIFELOOP
title: Reel tape lie detector
genre: Reel
format:C40 cassette ltd. 48
released: 2013-07-20
status: 47/48 AVAILABLE

side A
Happy Birthday Dienstbar
18.12.09 DIENSTbar 10 year anniversary in K77 cellar, Kastanien Allee 77, Berlin

side B
I'm bleeding inside
27.03.10 Staalplaat's Le petit mignon-gallery, Neukölln, Berlin.

27.10-2.11.08 Klub Roxy, Prag, Czech Republic.

A number of old reel-to-reel machines are arranged in series (usually four) with a tape running through from first to last machine. The first machine is recording through a mixer (with line inputs from the other machines) and the rest are playing the signal back, thus creating an analogue delay effect that is infinitely looped over a large space and long period, normally resulting in a cacophony of semi-random sound. LifeLoop records his voice, then re-records these passing signals again and again until the truth behind the words and noise can be heard..

A1 - Happy Birthday Dienstbar
B1 - I'm bleeding inside


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